Charism  Charism comes from the Greek word 'kharis' meaning gift or grace.

Foundation Day  The Marist Brothers were founded on 2nd January 1817 at La Valla in southern France.

Marist  The word 'Marist' refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Some of the Congregations within the Catholic Church bearing the name of Mary are the Marist Brothers, the Marist Fathers, the Marist Sisters and the Marist Missionary Sisters.

Marist Charism  In 1816 in France, a group of priests and seminarians decided to establish a Society of Mary.  The newly formed Society established Congregations of priests, sisters and brothers. The founders of these Congregations established their particular group. Each group ministers 'in the way of Mary'.

Marist Ministry  Marists minister to young people in education and welfare. 

Marist Project  The term is used to describe the Marists' self understanding of their particular mission and distinctive style (Water from the Rock, p.112).