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Marist Ministries Mass and Dinner

Ministry Dinner 2011 023a.jpg

Over one hundred people, from across all Marist ministries, attended the Annual Marist Ministries Mass and Dinner at Marcellin College, Bulleen on Saturday 3rd December, 2011. Bishop Timothy Costelloe was Principal Celebrant at the Mass and guest at the dinner. During the dinner, Provincial, Br Julian Casey thanked all for their contribution to Marist ministries in 2011 and outlined developments taking place in preparation for the establishment of the new Marist Province in 2013. Presentations were made to the following five people who have served our Province ministry faithfully over many years: Mr Michael Hall, Teacher at Marist-Sion College Warragul, Mrs Jenny Hudleston, Personal Assistant to the Principal at Marcellin College Bulleen, Mrs Megan Moore, former Principal of the DOXA School, Melbourne, Mr Brian Quist, Teacher at Sacred Heart College, Somerton Park and Mr Chris Roga, Campus Director at Lavalla Catholic College in Gippsland. The guests were entertained by a wonderful vocal performance from Kiran Rajasingam, a Remar team member, who was accompanied by Br Michael Herry.

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Christmas 2011

Induction Program held in 2011