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Moving Forward


The final day of our 2012 Marist Gathering in Sydney called us to prepare for the next steps in the establishment of our new Province. Many events will be held involving Brothers and lay Marists alike. These include Regional Consultative Gatherings, the National Mission Assembly from 12th - 15th August, the Province inauguration on 8th December and the first Provincial Chapter from 8th - 12th December.

Participants reflected on Br Charles Howard's call to living our charism dynamically: 'The efficacy of Marcellin's charism in the Church ... depends on our willingness to continue to make that charism a more dynamic element of our own lives and action, thus contributing to its development today and for future generations of Marists' (Sowers of Hope, 12 March 1990). Br Ben Consigli reminded us that to live our charism dynamically, we need to make 'discernment a way of life, a way of being rooted in an explicit atmosphere of Faith and Hope ... to celebrate and love our lives through God.' 'Can we choose to live vulnerably?' he asked.

Our two Provincials closed the Gathering at midday on Sunday.  Br Jeff Crowe, Provincial of the Sydney Province, acknowledged the sense of goodness he experienced during the Gathering.  He invited us to take forward our own qualities of loving.  Br Julian Casey, Provincial of the Melbourne Province, highlighted the gentleness of the Gathering recognising that the Brothers see the importance of building relationships, including their relationship with God.

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