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Celebrating Christmas

Marist Centre Melbourne staff held their end of year Christmas gathering on Friday 13th December, 2013. We began by enjoying the hospitality of the Marist Community at Fitzroy where we shared in a Christmas liturgy and acknowledged those who were moving to other places in the New Year.  The Liturgy contexted the occasion beautifully - celebrating our first year of forming a new Marist Province with all the challenges and richness this engenders.  As the prayers were shared and the words of thanks expressed, one could not help but feel a sacredness and steadiness about this time.  We are poised and ready to build on this important development. A beautiful crib sat quietly in an alcove nearby as we pondered, wondered and prayed.  Finally a lively lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Brunswick Street capped off a happy and peaceful end of year celebration.

John McMahon


Marist District of the Pacific

Our First Year as One Province Again