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Marist Life April 2014




Catholicism in Australia

Tom Roberts, Editor of America's National Catholic Reporter has described recent developments in the Australian Catholic Church as forming a 'quiet revolution'. Contributing to the commentary is a recent speaker at the Marist Faith Formators' Colloquium, Kate Fogarty.  The article can be accessed here.



Colloquium for Marist Faith Formators

Fifty Marist Educators from Schools across Australia gathered at Mittagong, NSW from 23rd to 25th March, 2014 for a special Colloquium. The gathering was organised by the members of the Marist Mission and Life Formation Team (pictured left) for those leading Faith Formation in Marist schools. A report of the excellent presentations and the valuable discussions can be found here





The Scriptural Foundations of Marist Life and Mission

Dr Michael Green presented the fourth theme of the accredited Graduate Certificate in Catholic Education in South Australia on 27th March, 2014.  He took as his topic The Scriptural Foundations of Marist Life and Mission. Michael looked at Scripture in the Church, the Biblical Foundations of Marist Spirituality and the Scriptural Quotations in Br Francois' Circular on the Spirit of Faith.  The paper he distributed at his two hour presentation can be read here.  

Marist Life May 2014

Looking Forward