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ACU Leadership Conference - Paradox and Possibility


The Sixth International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership held in Sydney from 12-14 August, 2013 addressed the theme 'Paradox and Possibility'. Four hundred and thirty people attended.  They were addressed by keynote speakers General Peter Cosgrove, Mr Michael McGrath, Dr Ruth Powell, Dr Dan White, Fr Frank Brennan, Dr Jim Gleeson and Mr Ross Fox.

Typical of the valuable insights shared at the Conference was that by Jim Gleeson on the most popular charcteristics of Catholic Schools in the United States.  The 3,398 respondents put the characteristics in the following order: 1.  Strong faith community  2. Religious Education Teacher is a Catholic, 3. Principal is a Catholic  4.  School day begins with a prayer and 5. Religious Course teaches Catholic doctrine.

Conference papers can be found at the Australian Catholic University website. 

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