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Marists Gather at Mittagong


Forty nine of us gathered at Mittagong near Sydney on Friday 23rd August, 2013 for a two day forum about the possible establishment of an Australian Marist Association.   As I left the forum I felt excited and optimistic about what an Association could offer our Australian Community.

 Being together for these days ignited the realisation in me of just how quickly good Marist community can develop.  People were sharing their lives and discussing the real issues of our society.  There was a degree of urgency in the air nested in that much appreciated rhythm of Marist prayer.

We were reminded that our focus is on 'needy young people' .  Some emphasised the importance of greater digital networking, others the creation of a Marist prayer app so that our communitiy prayer can involve as many as seek it.  There is no doubt that there is a great sense of belonging among Marists and that Marist community is emerging in new ways. Such community will certainly enrich the service we can offer our needy young people.

John McMahon


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